OC$ Supporter

There are several ways that individuals and businesses can support the growth of the OC$ Program. 

As numbers grow, we will be hosting several community events. These events require the financial support of local businesses and individuals.  

Our goal is to hold business networking and social activities. Our focus is to create gatherings for businesses and individuals that develop positive, productive relations.  

We are developing a monthly business card exchange that will be social in spirit. There will be an opening for a business to financially sponsor the event. Perhaps two compatible businesses can share the expense of the event. The sponsor(s) will be entitled to have an information table that evening. They will be slotted an amount of time where they can address the attendees. 

We have been asked to hold family events. We have access to events such as family movie evenings and bowling parties. 

Businesses or individuals who are interested in covering the cost of these events will be recognized with signage and recognition on social media. This marketing decision would be great exposure for their business. 

Another option to support the growth of the OC$ Program is to back the funding of volunteer recognition programs. OC$ will be launching a creative program where community volunteers will receive thank you envelopes that contain amounts of complementary local currency. We need to support volunteerism in our communities.  

Events require individual planning and vary in funding needs. The OC$ Admin Team are open to suggestions from the field. Our commitment is to serve our members to the best of our ability. 

OC$ will recognize supporters by entering their name or business name, on our Wall of Fame (see below). 

Individuals can contribute $50 and/or businesses $100 to gain recognition of the Wall of Fame. Simply click on the link below to connect with our Admin team to contribute or address any questions.  

Funds collected will assist in the development of our Volunteer Appreciation program and related projects.  

If you have an idea on an event or activity that would help build community, we need to connect. 

Thank-you to OUR OC$ Supporters who are recognised below.

Thank you to these individuals for their foundational support of the OC$ program.

Want your name on the wall? Contact us today.