The Benefits of Membership

We know that in today’s world, there is value in being a member of an ever-growing network of like- minded people. Belonging to a community with shared values and a common vision can only result in success!

As an active member of the OUR Community Dollar™ (OC$) Program you can expect…

Access to local businesses that support local shopping

Access to Networking through Community events

  • This facilitates interaction with others who understand that relationship connections strengthen the community.

Access to viewing the OC$ Business Directory

  • Whether you are an OC$ Community Shopper member looking for places that accept OC$ currency or an active OC$ business looking to attract fresh business, the OC$ Business directory and the ever-growing list of participating businesses connect sellers and buyers.

Exposure for your business goods and services

  • Whether you are a home-based or retail/service business, your listing on the OC$ Business Directory will assist you in attracting new clients who may even become lifetime clientele.

Access to business-to-business interactions

  • Many business models rely on business-to-business commerce.

Opportunities to strength the local economy

  • Increased business transactions lead to increased employment levels and generates opportunities for expanded business operations.

Access to the OC$ Give and Get Marketplace

  • This platform allows all levels of membership to post individual items for sale. It allows postings of garage sales or pop ups that accept OC$ currency. It supports people looking for personal support or services.

Access to education

  • Seminars and webinars will be developed that will help members in various aspects of business as well as helping them understand the benefits of supporting local businesses.

The Cycle of OC$

Receive OC$

Become a member and participate in our programs to receive OC$.

Give and Get Marketplace

Sell your goods online on our board with a percentage of the sale price being OC$.

Give and Get Network

Trade your time to help local community members who have the option to pay you in OC$.

Attend Events

Access community events that facilitate interaction with others who understand that relationship connections strengthen the community.

Support Local Businesses

Access the OC$ Business Directory and find where you can spend your OC$ locally.

Spend OC$

Make purchases from local business and support the local economy!