In today’s world, local shopping initiatives are in demand.

Community businesses and consumers can take part in this exciting concept through membership participation. As a benefit of membership, OUR Community Dollar

(OC$) can be spent as partial or full payment for goods and services offered by participating businesses.

About OUR Community Dollar™

In today’s world, local shopping initiatives are very much in demand. The OUR Community Dollar Program™ is being relaunched and is coming back stronger and better than ever! The first time the concept was used was in 2009 and it lasted for 2.5 years. The program was discontinued due to the economic climate of that time.

The current relaunch is based on a team of three experienced business minded Founders. With the software available today, along with effective social media platforms and other means of communication, everything is in place to meet the economic challenges of today!

The program is in pre-launch, and will connect shoppers and local businesses.

The OUR Community Dollar™, printed on paper, is commonly abbreviated as “OC$” and is positioned in front of the posted pricing (ie: OC$ 90).

We believe A Prosperous Community is a Vibrant Community

In today’s times, businesses are struggling, and consumers are looking for creative ways to maintain a quality of living for their families and loved ones.

Connecting family owned and creative home-based businesses with prospective customers is the aim of the program. The program will also assist local restaurants, retail, and service-based businesses. Creative systems of engagement with non-profits and cultural initiatives will be an integral aspect of our mandate.

Simply stated… Positive connections produce positive outcomes! 

Mission Statement

To enhance our local economy to increase the prosperity of our local businesses and the quality of life for our community members.

Vision Statement

OUR Community Dollar offers a program that builds connections between consumers and local businesses that results in enhanced economic growth and enhanced quality of community life.

Meet Our Team

Gary S. Jones BA

Originally from Quebec, Gary has had varied career experiences. After graduating from York University with a degree in Psychology and numerous Education courses Gary started a career with the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Rob Puschelberg

Rob was born in Toronto and lived in rural Ontario where his parents bought a small grocery store in Millbank. This is where his entrepreneurial spirit was born. At age ten, he would have a lemonade stand on the front porch.

Steve Orr GAPC

Steve Orr is a graphic designer and owner of Uptown Printing.

His focus is larger volume printing, served through a network of wholesale commercial print providers. Large volume flyers, addressed mailing campaigns, brochures, business forms, business cards or postcard orders are his regular work. Augmented Reality and Direct Mail Automation services are being developed. He works with charities, real estate agents along with many other businesses. Allowing 20% in OUR Community Dollars for graphic design jobs and between 10% to 20% OC$ on print jobs. Details can be discussed. Some conditions may apply. Contact Uptown Printing at 519-742-9080 or email