How OUR Community Dollar™ Works

Community businesses and consumers can take part in this exciting concept through membership participation. They can acquire OUR Community Dollars as a benefit of membership and then can spend these dollars as partial or full payment for goods and services offered by participating businesses.

OUR Community Dollar currency is intended as a tool for local community economic development as well as a focus for personal relationship building and community building and local resiliency.

The merchants accepting the OUR Community Dollar can then spend the money they accepted. The OUR Community Dollar is not a coupon but a form of currency that works in conjunction with the federal monetary system. Is not legal tender and is not backed by national currency

The Benefits and System

Receive OC$

Become a member and participate in our programs to receive OC$.

Give and Get Marketplace

Sell your goods online on our board with a percentage of the sale price being OC$.

Give and Get Network

Trade your time to help local community members who have the option to pay you in OC$.

Attend Events

Access community events that facilitate interaction with others who understand that relationship connections strengthen the community.

Support Local Businesses

Access the OC$ Business Directory and find where you can spend your OC$ locally.

Spend OC$

Make purchases from local business and support the local economy!