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OUR Community Dollar

We help local business communities thrive by providing a local currency program, which encourages people to shop local.

Look for businesses displaying this sign!

Why Community Currency?

We are launching $800 000 in Community Currency (OC$) into the Waterloo Region, Wellington County and Surrounding Areas. How does this help?

  • Increases OUR local money supply
  • Keeps money in OUR community
  • Strengthens OUR local economy
  • Builds OUR community engagement
  • Expands OUR local employment levels

How OUR Community Dollar™ Works

OUR Community Dollarcomplements the federal currency system.

Businesses accept OUR Community Dollar™ as a portion of the sale price of their products and services.

These businesses can then spend their currency with other locally based businesses.

We connect family owned and home-based businesses with prospective customers, developing relationships within a local economy.

In today’s world, local shopping initiatives are in demand.

Community businesses and consumers can take part in this exciting concept through membership participation. As a benefit of membership, OUR Community Dollar(OC$) can be spent as partial or full payment for goods and services offered by participating businesses.


Search for member businesses based on their location, category or company name.


We host a number of events, where you have the chance to connect with like-minded businesses.

Become a Member

Discover the benefits of being a member of the OUR Community Dollar program.

The Benefits and System

Receive OC$

Become a member and participate in our programs to receive OC$.

Give and Get Marketplace

Sell your goods online on our board with a percentage of the sale price being OC$.

Give and Get Network

Trade your time to help local community members who have the option to pay you in OC$.

Attend Events

Access community events that facilitate interaction with others who understand that relationship connections strengthen the community.

Support Local Businesses

Access the OC$ Business Directory and find where you can spend your OC$ locally.

Spend OC$

Make purchases from local business and support the local economy!

Support Local

Participate in the program and help drive traffic and sales to local businesses – the backbones of our community.