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OC$ Merchant Membership


Designed to support retail & service businesses

Display ad or Business Card on the OC$ Business Directory

Includes three hyperlinks to your business website or social media

List your business in up to three categories on the OC$ Business Directory

Receive signage as well as a window decal announcing their participation in the OUR Community Dollar Program™

Receive OC$600 complementary OC$ Local Currency

Ability to post on OUR Give & Get Platforms.

Terms and Conditions

I confirm the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the OUR Community Dollar™ Program (as posted on )

By my initial, I declare that the information shared is correct to the best of my knowledge. I hereby expressly indemnify and hold harmless 14056787 Canada Inc., (operating as OUR Community Dollar) and its representatives with respect to any loses, damages, or claims resulting from the listing or any other activity in relation to the OUR Community Dollar™ Program involvement.

I agree not to use the company’s name, trademarks, including the name, logo, and other Copyright material for purposes outside the participation in the program owned and operated by 14056787 Canada Inc. I acknowledge that I accept the complementary currency issued by 14056787 Canada Inc., (O/A OUR Community Dollar) and agree as a user that I will value the notes by denomination as equal to Canadian Federal notes.

I agree that the notes are not to be sold for federal currency and will be acceptable in daily transactions as equal to the Canadian currency. I confirm that I accept that 14056787 Canada Inc., may adjust the terms and conditions of this agreement as needed solely at their discretion. I confirm that OUR Community Dollar may discontinue my yearly listing due to not adhering to these conditions solely at their discretion. I confirm that I can resign from the program by contacting OUR Community Dollar in writing.